Large Socket/P3 Motherboard


Small Socket/P4 Green Motherboard


Small Socket/P4 Colored Motherboard


Gold Fingered Cards


Peripheral/Cable/Modem Board


Large Multi-Socket Server Motherboard


Small Multi-Socket Server Motherboard


Metal Multi-Socket Server Motherboard


Telecom High Grade Board


High Grade Gold Capped Chip Board


Back Plane Expansion Board


Clean Cell Phone Board


Mid Grade Green/Power Card/Board


Low Grade Brown Board/T.V. Board


Gold Tip Connector Ends


Gold/Silver/Tin Fingered Mix RAM


Gold ONLY Fingered RAM


Silver/Tin ONLY Fingered RAM


Fingerless (Trimmed) RAM


(Metal Cover) RAM - Heat shield


Hard Drive Board


IC Chips



Green/Brown Fiber No Metal Chips


8086 Gold Cap with Gold Legs IC




Double Sided Gold Chips


Motorola/Foreign Gold Cap Chips


Pentium Pro Gold Cap Chips


Cyrix/IBM/VIA Gold Cap Chips


Pentium/MAC Ceramic Chips


AMD Ceramic Chips


AMD Aluminum Top K6 Chips


Black Fiber Chips


P4/MAC/Green Fiber Metal Top Chips


No Pin Processors



DLP Ceramic Base


DLP Green/Brown Fiber Base



CD/Disk/Floppy Drives


PC Complete


Server Complete


AC Adapter with Wire


AC Adapter without Wire


Modems (Whole)


Office Phones (Whole)


Christmas Wire


Computer Fans


Power Supply Box with Wire


Power Supply Box without Wire


Li-Ion Laptop Batteries


Li-Ion Cell Phone Batteries


Whole Hard Drive with Board


Punched/Bent Hard Drive with Board


Whole Hard Drive without Board


Mixed Wire


Silver Plated Brass


Clean Aluminum Heat Sink


Clean Aluminum Copper Heat Sink


Clean Copper Heat Sink


Cell Phones with Batteries


Cell Phones without Batteries


Complete Non-Working Laptop


Partial Non-Working Laptop


Un Processed eScrap


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